Do you have a shop?

No, we are a cottage food business and do not have a brick-and-mortar location. Each decadent creation is baked and frosted in a home kitchen (yes, even the tall, multi-tiered cakes and hundreds of cupcakes!). We are located in Denton, Texas.

Do you ship?
  • Unfortunately, no. The Texas Cottage Food Law for home bakers strictly prohibits shipping. However, if you’re ever in North Texas for a visit and need a sweet treat, please reach out! We’d love to meet you!
Do you offer allergen-friendly cakes and cupcakes?
  • We offer a wide selection of gluten-free flavors and can accommodate additional dietary needs. However, we are not a vegan, nut-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, or gluten-free kitchen. While we will always do our best to keep your cakes as safe as possible for your consumption, understand that you are consuming at your own risk.
I submitted an inquiry for a cake or cupcake order. When can I expect to hear back?
  • Great question! While we will always work to respond to emails in a timely manner, please understand that Queen Esther works full-time in addition to baking and may not always be able to respond to messages immediately. Sundays are administrative days and are always reserved for answering emails and sending invoices.
    • **Additionally, there have been a few occasions where someone submitted an order and received a confirmation message, but we did not receive the inquiry. Though this does not happen often, we don’t want to miss your order and will never intentionally overlook or ignore your inquiry. Feel free to follow up with one reminder email to Esther@QueenEsthersCupcakes.com to check in if you haven’t heard back after two weeks.
When do I pay?
  • We will send you an invoice by email a week to ten days ahead of your event. The invoice will include a Venmo link for payment. If you do not use Venmo or would prefer to pay another way, we can provide alternatives upon request.


  • For weddings, we will send an invoice for the 50% retainer fee when you sign the contract. The remaining balance is due two weeks before your wedding day.
Do you deliver?
  • Delivery and setup service is available for weddings and large orders only (for example: several hundred cupcakes or a multi-tiered cake) for a flat fee of $100.00 (subject to change at our discretion depending on distance to venue or quantity/volume of order).
How do I take care of my cake or cupcakes after pickup?
  • Upon pickup, Queen Esther will provide care instructions for transport, storing, and serving your desserts. Please adhere to these closely to ensure the safe arrival and freshness of your items.


  • Unless otherwise instructed, keep all items refrigerated until about an hour before serving to ensure maximum freshness. For transport, clear a flat, clean surface in your vehicle, free from any bulky or heavy items that could roll into or fall on your cake or cupcakes. Our packaging is secure and is designed to keep your items safe and beautiful; however, we are not responsible for any damages incurred once your order has left the premises.


  • In the summer: TAKE YOUR CAKE/CUPCAKES STRAIGHT HOME AND REFRIGERATE THEM IMMEDIATELY. NO EXCEPTIONS. The Texas heat has no mercy, and if your cake melts in the heat because you left it in the car, neither will we. This is a non-negotiable standard. We will not offer refunds for a melted cake and we are not responsible for fixing a cake that melted because you did not take it straight home to refrigerate.
    • Please note: at all times, your order is coming straight from our refrigerator to your custody. In most cases, it will stay cold enough to survive the ride home, but Texas heat is ruthless, unrelenting, and works fast. Plan accordingly.
How long will my cake stay fresh and safe to eat?
  • If you keep it refrigerated, your cut cake will keep for up to four days before it begins to lose freshness and moisture (although we doubt it’ll last that long 😉). Store any leftover cake in an airtight container or wrap it tightly on a plate with Saran wrap, Press ‘N Seal, or aluminum foil.
I want my cake to look like *insert inspiration photo here.* Can you make it?
  • If you have seen a cake on our social media or elsewhere and you’ve fallen in love with it, we welcome your inspiration photos! However, our products will never be an exact replica of another baker’s work. While we are happy to take inspiration from other cakes to create something you love, please do not expect a duplicate of someone else’s work.
I’ve never done this before. Where do I start?
  • We’re glad you asked! Many people are inexperienced at ordering cake, so you aren’t alone! Start with our inquiry form – it helps walks you through the process and provides us with the information we need, so please complete the form thoroughly. We will follow up if we require additional information.


  • If you’re sending an email, we are always grateful for a greeting or salutation when you reach out. Inquiries that start with “How much?” are impersonal and lack warmth. Inquiries without sufficient details (how many servings, flavor ideas, proposed date) also prolong the process. Additionally, avoid assuming that we are available to complete your order. Sometimes we receive inquiries from people telling us when they’re planning to pick up before we’ve even confirmed our availability.


  • If you have no idea what you want but you know what you like (or what your recipient likes), let’s start there!
    • For example: “Hello! I’d like to order a cake for my partner’s birthday on March 15. I don’t have a specific vision for this cake, but they love chocolate cake, raspberries, and roses, so I’d love for the cake to include those things! This cake would just be for the two of us, but I’d like a cake big enough to have leftovers. Thank you!”
      • This example gives us plenty of information to work with while still allowing us the freedom to create something beautiful and special for your occasion.

Thank you for choosing Queen Esther’s Cupcakes to sweeten your occasion. We value your business and look forward to baking for you.

Be well, and as always,