White Chocolate Raspberry

A tender vanilla white chocolate cupcake underneath a swirly, luscious crown of white chocolate raspberry frosting

Angel Food

Light, lovely, fluffy angel food cupcakes topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries

Apple Pie *Seasonal

Vanilla cinnamon cupcake with a spiced apple pie filling, topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and apple pie filling.


Moist banana cupcake with a hidden vanilla wafer cookie, topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and garnished with vanilla wafers and vanilla wafer crumbs

Carrot Cake

Warmly spiced carrot cake muffins stuffed with tender carrots and crunchy pecans; topped with cinnamon cream cheese frosting and a cinnamon-pecan crumble, garnished with a pecan half

Dark Chocolate Raspberry

Rich dark chocolate cupcake topped with fresh raspberry frosting and garnished with a raspberry


Fresh lemon cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, garnished with a wedge of lemon

Lime Pie

Fresh lime cupcakes with a graham cracker crust and cream cheese frosting, garnished with a wedge of lime

Peanut Butter Banana

Banana cupcake topped with luscious peanut butter frosting; garnished with a drizzle of honey and a peanut butter sandwich cookie